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Botanical Mind is focusing on plants in the green oasis of Yermekân, researching the relationship between botanical and art, and aiming to include them in our living spaces.

4 meeting, 1 day a week, 8 people

Workshop advisor: Zeynep Üçöz 

most recent workshop

weekday ▶︎ 7 september 2022, wednesday

weekend ▶︎11 september 2022, sunday


In this workshop while sharing the seasonal and routine maintenance needs and problems of potted plants, it also includes topics such as suitable earth mixtures, alternative rooting - reproduction methods, nutritional supplements, as well as sharing various botanical researches.

  1. meeting: earth mixes // pot-scale nutrients,  how minerals and other materials work and their effects on the plant. species-specific earth mixtures.

  2. meeting: plant problems // plant pests and their solutions, sick leaves and roots.

  3. meeting: nutrition for plants // types of nutritional supplements, how and when to apply and basic worm compost.

  4. meeting: experiments // alternative rooting and propagation methods.

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