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It takes its name from the fact that it is a place on earth, which is defined by borders as it is known - as the ground of the world. However, apart from this meaning, he is in favor of defining space as a place where existence exists in any form. He prioritizes the space being as inclusive, open and transformable as the earth  and underlines the space and its inclusions.


Space is both a physical and mental ground for reflection, production and sharing.  With her belief that alternatives can multiply, she opens the space for sharing, conducts various workshops, organizes events, and is open to eating and singing together, of course. .


Photograph: Tuba Karadeniz


Photograph: Serhat Şatır

We want to create unlimited movement space for everyone in a space with defined boundaries, where we aim to collaborate by prioritizing creativity. Although we think that space can be transformed, reduced, reproduced and of course shared, we do not see making art as a separate act from other actions, we just live. 

Hazel, Ekin, Zeynep

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