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In this workshop, which we will examine together with the act of recording the video; while examining the historical process of video from the production of technical images to the present, it also wants to make a theme of how video emerged, how it was included in art, and where the recording reflex touched in daily life.

4 meeting, 1 day a week, 6 people

Workshop advisor: Hazel Kılınç

most recent workshop

weekday ▶︎ 14 december 2022, wednesday


On the basis of Ulus Baker's "To see is to produce visibility." the program of this workshop, which we will take a look at the outside world with the words;

  1. meeting: What is video?

     The emergence of video in technical terms and how it is included in art, its relationship with other art disciplines.

   2.  meeting: Developing a different view 

    What does  videographic image mean, its relationship with time and memory.

   3.  meeting: What's seen today?

    The place and time of the video today with artist samples from today.

   4.  meeting: What are we recording?

    Watching and interpreting the videos taken by the participants during the workshop or before.

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