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As soon as we press the shutter button, we will follow the trace of the light formed on the surface of the film, we will experience the photographic frames we have developed on paper; dark room is a workshop where chemistry is abundant, where we slow down the movement and count the time.

5 meeting, 1 day a week

Workshop advisor: Ekin Kula

most recent workshop

weekday ▶︎ 13 december 2022, tuesday

weekend ▶︎ 18 december 2022, sunday



In this process, in which we will work with black & white films, includes the features of B&W films, standard development and transferring techniques to paper, it will also be an application oriented process where we will examine examples of artists and discover our own language.

Program Operation:

  1. meeting: Film properties, B&W development phases // Film development practice

  2. meeting: Paper properties, B&W printing example // Printing practice

  3. meeting: Masking techniques // Printing practice

  4. meeting: Contact printing, photogram // Printing practice

  5. meeting: Multiple filter method // Printing practice

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