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culture, experience and art meetings

Culture, Experience and Art Meetings, advisor by Erdinç Kaygusuz, will discuss the relationship between art and experience from Hume to Kant, from Hilary Putnam to Richard Wolin, from John Dewey to Jacques Attali, from Howard S. Becker to Sidney Finkelstein, Hans Belting to Larry Shiner, Alan Swingewood to Walter Benjamin, and E. P. Thompson to Raymond Williams.

5 meetings, 2 weeks apart, 8 people

Workshop advisor: Erdinç Kaygusuz 


We need an understanding that encompasses the full range of possibilities for human experience in interacting with the world. Thus, the traces of the aesthetic experience that refer to the formation of common feelings, actions and signification practices can be traced.

Where is the experience; completed or disappeared? Discussions clustered around these questions can also be a good point of view to consider art together with both vital and perceived experience. As a matter of fact, the relationship of art with the world and human life, as a form of experience that is in harmony with culture and meaning is knotted here.

  1. meeting: 8 Octorber, 2022 // introduction, method and acquaintance 

  2. meeting: 22 October, 2022  // source of ideas and experience 

  3. meeting: 5 November, 2022 // sharing the experience: patterns of common meaning 

  4. meeting: 19 November, 2022 // art as an experience

  5. meeting:  3 December 2022  // from experience to culture, art and socialization

  6. meeting: closing // date will be determined at the 5th meeting. an essay or evaluation of various studies that is desired to be developed during the workshop with the participants who wish.

→you can pre-register with email and ask any questions you can think of ←

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