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skyline • 

skyline is a workshop for participants who are new to photography, who want to learn the language and narrative possibilities of photography, from the use of the camera to technical terms, from light to composition knowledge, both in theory and in practice.

5 weeks, 3 days a week, 8 people

workshop advisor: Fazlı Öztürk


Program Operation:

1 week:

An overview of the photograph's narrative

History of photography and cameras


Weekend field work


Week 2: 

Exposure; diaphragm, shutter and inter-variable link

Films, sensors, ISO and image format

Weekend field work


Week 3: 

Photometers and light measuring methods

light and color

Application work in the workshop environment

Weekend field work


Week 4: 

camera equipment


Weekend field work


Week 5:

Ethics and copyrights

Photo Evaluation

Weekend field work

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